The OOWA digital camera kit improves mobile photography using an iPhone

OOWA’s free-form optics translates an image to fit it in iPhone’s rectangular sensor. This results in an image with consistent, edge-to-edge quality that’s absent of dark corners and color aberrations.

The high-quality lens features a 110° wide-angle field of vision for reduced image distortion. OOWA offers asymmetrical lenses to optimize image quality and frame it in a rectangular shape. This improves the picture quality taken using a camera phone.

To install it on your phone, just use the OOWA phone case, put the lens, and turn it gently to the right until you hear a soft click which indicates it’s locked in place.

The OOWA kit contains 2 lens caps, a flare hood, and 2 carrying pouches. The kit is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6s only.

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