Babolat & PIQ works in tandem with a smartphone app to help you track your tennis game

The Babolat & PIQ ROBOT combo is a sports wearable that gives insights on your tennis play to help you analyze and improve your game. The PIQ ROBOT is docked on the lightweight Babolat wristband and these devices work together to record the speed, stroke type, stroke rate, and spin of your shots. The PIQ ROBOT sensor has a bright LED display that shows the speed of your shot with just a button push.

PIQ connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, providing a record of all your shots and a post-game analysis for tracking your progress. The app can show you your shots, serves, slices, backhands, and logs of your best swings.

You can upload your game progress into an online leaderboard to see how you rank up against other PIQ and Babolat users.

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