Anonabox The Original by Anonabox – Access Deep Web

The Anonabox is an internet privacy router which lets you connect to the internet anonymously. This adds another layer of protection to dissuade hackers from snooping your web activity. It also allows you to easily connect to the deep web with complete anonymity.

It works by routing your internet access through the Tor network – a network developed by the US military to share sensitive information across networks in a disguised and encrypted form. Your connection is protected with a unique 24-character password. Just plug the Anonabox, enter the hardcoded password and the Anonabox will do the security work for you.

Anonabox connects you to the Tor network in a minute. No configuration, download or software installation needed. The device has its own Wi-Fi emitter to allow wireless devices like tablets and smartphones to also enjoy Anonabox’s features.

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