GO Pocket sticks an instant pocket on your shirt

GO Pocket is a stick-on pocket which readily adds a temporary pocket to clothing and accessories. It’s useful for athletes who wear jerseys or sportswear which usually don’t have any pockets. You don’t need to carry your smartphone while running. You can just stick the Go Pocket on your shirt and let it hold your phone and gadgets while running laps.

To install it, you simply remove the adhesive cover, stick the Go Pocket on your shirt, and place your smartphone in it. When you’re done, you can just peel it off anytime you want.

The adhesive remains effective even when you’re doing active workouts like dancing or hiking. It can also go through multiple wash cycles and still retain its stickiness.

It’s available in a wide range of styles, color, and sizes. There are 3 GO Pockets included when you buy a pack.

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