Access your home network through the AlwaysHome Wi-Fi adapter

The AlwaysHome adapter is a portable and compact Wi-Fi router that allows remote access to your home network. It can connect to your network up to 10x faster compared to using VPN software.
The package comes with two AlwaysHome portable dongles. These dongles connect your devices through a dedicated network. They can bypass restrictions imposed by outside networks because they use your IP address at home.
Typically, you can only access content subscriptions from HBO, Netflix, and the likes at home. With AlwaysHome, you can access these anywhere you are using VPN connection. You can even access your server, files from your desktop PC, NAS, and printers as long as they’re connected to your network.
To set up, simply connect one dongle to your home router and then connect the other dongle to a device and access the internet like you usually do.

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