Gramofon turns your stereo into a Wi-Fi music player you can control using your smartphone

Gramofon uses Wi-Fi technology instead of Bluetooth to allow uninterrupted music streaming even while you’re taking calls. Using Wi-Fi also allows multiple smartphones to connect to Gramofon at the same time.

To set it up, connect Gramofon to any audio system using an RCA jack and then connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable. Connect the device you want to use as your remote control using Wi-Fi and Gramofon will guide you through the configuration process.

You don’t need a separate app to use Gramofon. Just connect to it via Wi-Fi using your favorite music streaming app like Spotify and Napster. You can also play broadcasts from any internet radio station or locally stored music on your phone. Multiple Gramofons can be connected to work in sync or play different music on each speaker.

Gramofon also acts as a Wi-Fi extender to expand your internet’s reach.

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