Radmo Classic is a car phone mount that doesn’t obstruct your windshield view

Radmo is a gadget mount for vehicles which fits seamlessly into the car’s CD slot. It can hold your mobile phone, a GPS device, or an 8-inch mini-tablet without buckling or swaying while on the road. Although it sits right into the CD slot, it leaves your player completely unaffected and perfectly usable.
Its unique design allows easy installation and adjustment to accommodate the most popular phone sizes. Its ergonomic position inside your vehicle allows easy device viewing and prevents cluttering your dashboard which can restrict your field of vision.
Some windshield mounts are illegal in select states in the US. You can avoid getting a penalty for this by installing Radmo instead of other windshield or rear-view mirror mounts. Aside from this, you can save your windshield from marks suction cups may leave when you remove them.

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