Eight Sleep Tracker is a smart bed that combines a smart sensor and a mattress to track the sleep behavior of couples

Eight Sleep Tracker consists of a smart mattress and a tracker to monitor the sleep patterns of up to 2 persons. Eight’s innovative mattress has a tracker built with algorithms to measure deep sleep, heart rate, room temperature, and room noise. The bed has 2 zones which can be warmed separately according to the preference of each person.

The mattress is paired with an app which has a smart alarm that wakes you up when your sleep is at its lightest stage. The app also monitors your daily sleeping habits to let you compare it with weekly and monthly trends. Eight gives quantitative measurements of your sleeping behavior and offers insights on how you can improve your sleeping habits.

Eight can be integrated with other smart home devices like lighting and air-conditioning, and smart home systems like NEST and IFTTT platforms.

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