The PetChatz HD and PawCall Bundle allows you to call your pet from anywhere using your smartphone

The PetChatz HD is a digital pet daycare device which provides 2-way video call so you can interact with your pet wherever you are. The PawCall works the other way around as it lets your pets call you with a simple button press.

PetChatz HD is also packed with features like low-light HD camera, motion and sound detector, colored display, treat and scent dispenser, and DOGTV streaming. It works with an app which is available on desktop and mobile devices. The app connects to PetChatz HD using Wi-Fi.

PetChatz HD has a built-in treat dispenser which you can control remotely using the app. It can also release scents formulated to soothe your pets.

It’s designed for your pets’ safety: no sharp edges or corners and no cords they can chew on. To install, just plug it into a wall outlet and securely attach it to the wall using screws.

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