Dash Robot is an educational toy which teaches kids the basics of programming and robotics during their playtime

Dash Robot is a robot toy built for kids of age 6 and up. It teaches kids about programming through hands-on play. Dash has a Bluetooth sensor that allows it to be controlled and programmed using the free app installed on mobile devices.

The app has an easy-to-follow tutorial that will teach kids how to program Dash. It contains over a hundred coding adventures kids can play with to make Dash dance, produce sounds, light up, avoid obstacles, react to voice commands, and move to the desired direction. Dash’s capabilities can be expanded by accessorizing it with compatible Lego® connectors.

The toy comes fully assembled, ready for playtime. It’s powered by built-in rechargeable batteries which can be charged using a USB cable.

It’s ideal for schools, robotics competition, and home play.

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