2breathe is a sleep inducer that works with a smartphone app to help you improve your sleep

2breathe Plus Sleep Inducer – Smart Device and Mobile App with a Personal Coach to ensure better sleep in 60 days. Uses Slow Guided Breathing Exercises. Sleep Sounds Therapy System Smartphone


2breathe tracks your breathing by sensing your inhale-exhale pattern while you sleep. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled elastic belt which you need to wear around your torso. It works with an app that produces a soothing sound to help you sleep while it measures your initial breathing pattern.

After the app’s sleep preparation process, it generates guiding tones you need to follow to correct your breathing patterns, transforming it to prolonged exhalation and slower breathing. The reduced neural activity relaxes your mind and body, resulting in enhanced sleep. 2breathe automatically shuts off when you’re asleep and generates a report regarding your sleep when you wake up.

The mobile app provides analysis of your sleep session, acting like a sleep diary. It also provides tips and tutorials to help you improve your breathing habits for your next session.

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