Sylvania Lightify is a wireless smart switch with 8 programmable actions

Sylvania Lightify provides wireless control over smart light products. You can use it as a remote control or pair it with the free Lightify app.

Using the app, Lightify allows you to schedule when your lights turn on and off, enabling them to consume less energy compared to using traditional switches with incandescent bulbs. You can set lights to turn on and light your entrance as you arrive home and turn it off as you leave for work. Pair it with dimmable lights and create your own sunrise by setting the intensity according to your wake-up time.

The app offer configurations like group control, temperature settings, color saturation, scene selection, and dimmable lights.

Lightify can also be paired with Osram motion sensors or other smart switches.

Lightify is powered by CR 2450 batteries which are already included in the package.

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