MudWatt is a STEM learning kit that works with a smartphone app

MudWatt is a STEM learning kit that allows you to plant your own living battery and harness the energy from bacteria in the soil. Soil containing bacteria that eats sugar and expel electrons is placed in a container. The battery is planted into it and a digital clock and a LED blinker indicate the presence of microbes in the soil. The more energy the microbes emit, the faster the light blinks.
The MudWatt Explorer app lets you monitor the power your battery is generating and the bacteria population in your soil. As your microbe population grows, you get to unlock more chapters in the educational comic book available in the smartphone app.
The kit includes a pair of nitrile gloves, a 20-page instructional manual, and the complete MudWatt unit. The MudWatt unit consists 2 graphite disks (anode and cathode), a container, a digital clock, and a LED blinker board.

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