EarlySense Live is a sleep and health monitoring device that sends readings to your smartphone

EarlySense Live is a monitoring device that’s placed under your mattress to let it read your stress levels, breathing rate, and heartbeat during sleep. Live’s accurate reading of your sleep stages allows it to wake you up at the right moment of your sleep cycle so you’ll feel rejuvenated from undisturbed sleep; set your wake-up alarm on the app to match your sleep cycle as prescribed.

The app generates a daily summary of your health and sleep readings, recognizing patterns to help you gauge the efficiency of your sleep. It also alerts you if it finds factors that might affect your sleeping habits. It also provides tips to further improve the quality of your sleep. The app allows you to share your readings with family members and friends to let them know you’re doing okay.

Live is powered by plugging it into a wall outlet while in use.

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