New iPhone X With Super Retina Full Edge to Edge Screen and Wireless charging

The best and most expensive iPhone version is here with tons of the most needed features. iPhone X is available for pre order on Oct 27 2017 and in stores on November 3 2017.

Here is a quick overview of the new features that everyone is waiting for:

  • wireless charging that works everywhere, you know such as the one built in at Starbucks tables, definitely is well needed feature. There is also an upgraded battery that lasts up to 2 hours longer than iPhone 7. And a new multiple device charging mat that will be available on 2018 although it works with Qi wireless chargers and apple mentioned belkin & Mophie who developed new chargers for just iPhone X.
  • Full edge to edge super retina screen with no home button. The OLED screen is 5.8″ in size which is bigger then iPhone 7 plus with tons of features.
  • face recognition smart enough to know if your eyes looking at the screen to unlock your screen or show new text messages. It has 30,000 invisible dots with adaptive recognition to analyze on your face even with any changes over time which makes it so accurate and safe when using it for apple pay.
  • Smart upgraded camera with new features and pro lighting effects for taking selfies in portrait mode. A real live emojis that mirror your every expression to send to friends in text messages or just fun video chatting.
  • There are many other new features I’ll mention it briefly such as: new smart & fast chip, durable front and back glass, water & dust resistance, blurred background portrait selfies, Pro and studio like lighting effects, 12 fun animated emojis that mirror your face, new telephoto camera and faster video graphics with augmented reality technology.

There are many other features including the new iOS that will take advantage of the new iPhone hardware features. So I’ll leave the rest to be explored by apple fans but I just wanna mention that the price is $999 for 64gb and $1149 for 256gb and it comes in 2 colors, silver and space gray.

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