Title: The nonda Smart Car Charger quickly charges any device and it can be connected to your smartphone and use its car monitoring features

The nonda Smart Car Charger has USB ports compatible with QC 2.0 and 5V/2.4A devices. Its device detection feature allows nonda to automatically optimize its settings and charge any device with blistering speed. It can charge a drained Samsung Note5 in 1.46 hours – 80% faster than other car chargers.
It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to help monitor your car battery levels. You’ll receive notifications when your car battery is floundering to avoid having a dead battery while on the road. It also sends you an alert when your parking meter time is about to expire. This feature helps you avoid getting a parking ticket. You can also monitor your car’s mileage on the smartphone app.
The nonda car charger is also GPS-enabled, allowing you to use it as a car locator.

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