The Neeuro SenzeBand is a brainwave sensor that works with a smartphone app


The Neeuro SenzeBand features brainwave sensors that measure your brain activity when doing specific tasks. Its 6 brainwave sensors send data to a smartphone app that can be connected using Bluetooth. They help measure your mental performance in activities that require intense focus by placing a heavy workload on your brain.

It can help keep your lifestyle healthy by letting you play games that stimulate mental and social activities. It can act as a game controller on the 15 apps registered with the SenzeBand device. These games are designed to improve your attention, decision-making, memory, cognitive flexibility, and spatial awareness.

The games are ideal for senior citizens who need to regularly stimulate their brains to reduce chances of declining cognitive performance. For children, it can help stimulate their brains more to help them think faster and focus better on tasks at hand.

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