Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone, Compatible with Amazon Alexa

The Netatmo Weather Station measures outdoor temperature, relative humidity, air quality, and barometric pressure to provide you with an accurate weather forecast right to your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. It also has sensors to measure indoor temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and air quality. It also has a sound meter to measure noise pollution inside your house. The device itself has a color-coded LED indicator to instantly tell you the CO2 levels inside your home.
It automatically sends notifications and graphs of historical data in real-time to a mobile app. Netatmo can also give you a 7-day weather forecast based on the data it has gathered about the environment.
You can connect multiple Netatmo Weather Stations to your phone or connect multiple phones to a single Netatmo device. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices, and Amazon Alexa

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