The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset is a portable VR device compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset is compatible with smartphones that have screen sizes of 3.5 inches to 6 inches. It has distortion-free lenses that provide excellent resolution for optimal viewing experience. You don’t need to worry about eye strain because the headset has a dynamic distance adjuster which allows you to configure the viewing distance suited to your comfort.

The headset is made of soft, breathable materials to make sure it’s comfortable to wear even for prolonged use. It also has small ventilation ducts to avoid the fogging of lenses and the overheating of the device. It’s compatible with both wired earphones and wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones.

To use, simply slide your phone into the VR headset, open the CEEK VR app, and enjoy the experience.

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