Vi A.I. Fitness Tracker is an all-in-one fitness tracker and wireless earphone that works with a smartphone app

It’s an all-in-one wireless earphone set that functions as a health tracker, heart rate monitor, audio output, and training coach. It’s installed with biosensors to help it accurately measure your heart rate, cadence, elevation, and motion. Its AI allows it to give real-time feedback when asked with specific pre-programmed commands. It can also provide motivational responses to keep you going with your training. You can also use it to answer phone calls when you connect it to your phone using Bluetooth.

The headset is sweatproof and lightweight, making it the ideal partner during intense workout activities. You can wear it while you’re running, walking, cycling, or when you’re on a treadmill. The app can show you the record of your training progress, health status, and fitness goals.

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