The SmartDelux USB Hub


The SmartDelux USB Hub is a plug-and-play charging device that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux operating systems. It has four USB 3.0 ports for lightning-fast data transfer with speeds reaching up to 5 GB/second. It also has 3 USB ports for fast-charging devices. Each of these charging ports spews 2.4A of power. Each port is lit with LED lights to let you determine if they’re working or not.


SmartDelux’s casing is made from aluminum alloy for a durable and scratch-resistant surface. It also has a built-in surge protection unit to prevent damaging the devices plugged into the hub when voltage spikes occur. It also has ventilation holes to keep the hub from overheating.

Package includes 4 non-slip mats, a 1.5m power adapter, and a 1m USB cable.

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