Elf emmit is a non-invasive, mind-stimulating headband that works with a mobile app


Elf emmit is a lightweight headband that can help you stimulate your brain or put it in a relaxed state. The product uses electromagnetic pulse technology that’s safe and effective in synchronizing your mind with your actions.

Elf emmit can be configured using a mobile application available in both Google Play and iTunes stores. The app features 5 different mood settings to suit your needs. Choose from deep learning, sleep, concentrate, stress reduction, and meditate modes to shift to your desired mental state. Using this, you can improve your quality of sleep, keep you awake even when you’re tired, or help you concentrate and maintain focus on the task at hand.

The device is powered by connecting it to your tablet or smartphone’s earphone jack.

Beware, though, when using the product. The headpiece is quite flimsy and may easily break even with slight mishandling.

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