ROXI is an all-in-one entertainment device that can be connected to your TV through Wi-Fi

The ROXI packs a lot of entertainment programs in one small box. It provides 5 different entertainment modes to choose from:

  • Unlimited Music – provides access to a plethora of tracks from the latest albums of the most popular artists
  • Worldwide Radio – allows you to tune into a thousand different stations from all around the world
  • Sing with the Stars – gives you the chance to have a duet with your chosen artist through karaoke-style singing
  • Name That Tune – play a music trivia game that everyone can enjoy
  • Sound Machine – produce therapeutic sounds ideal for yoga sessions, meditations, or putting your baby to sleep

The package includes a wireless motion controller that has a built-in microphone for singing. It also comes with a 1-year premium music subscription to ROXI’s song database.

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